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10th Anniv

FSPA 10th Anniversary lawhching tak a zatzawh in om

18 SEPT: Tunitaklam dak 1 in Khupching Road, Vengnuam ah FSPA 10th Anniversary Celebration Committee makaihna in FSPA kum 10...

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Futsal exhibition match neih in om; Maban sa

17 Sept: Tunitak dak 9 in Grassroots Turf, Hiangtam Lamka ah FSPA 10th Anniversary lopna ding toh kisai a kisakkhawlna...

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10 years Anniversary

FSPA 10th Anniversary lop hiding; kisakkhawlna bangkim felta

17 Sept: Anniversary Celebration Committee malakna toh, ahongtung ding 18 September 2021 chiang in Lamka mun ah FSPA kum 10...

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office letterhead icon


Apaita 10th August 2011 a phuhkhiat a om Fuhsimpiahi tuni hun a kum 10 a chinna hun bang melmuthei a...

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coaching adv

FSPA Coaching Institute: registration bawltheihta

28 JUN: Management thusuk dungzui in FSPA Coaching Institute a kai nuamte ading in tuni apan registration fuhsimpiahi.org tungtawn in...

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coaching institute

FSPA Coaching Institute; Course tuamtuam ading registration kipan ding

27 JUN: Tunitaklam dak 2 in FSPA Office, Vengnuam ah Managing Director, FSPA Coaching Institute makaihna toh Institute Management leh...

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